After a classical education in the music School ans as a drummer/percussionist of local Brassbands and Bigbands, Adriaan decided to take lessons from jazz drummers as Bruno Castellucci and Luc Vanden Bosch to improve his skills at Jazz Bxl, this formed a good foundation for The Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he took lessens of Martin Gort, Pieter Bast, Peter Van Marle,....He developed his skills behind the kit and conga's. As a very flexible drummer he played with artists like Stash, Jim Cole and is active as a freelance drummer for jazz projects, solo projects, events. He plays in Stoons, a Brussels rock hiphopband and 50's Band Mr P and The Cadillacs and percussion in Banda Bruselas. After graduating in 2016 he started his own Drumschool : "The Drumcave" to hand over his passion to young talented people.

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