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Yassir Bousselam Trio

Cello Biennale Amsterdam

Yassir Bousselam cello – Jérémy Dumont piano – Ruven Ruppik percussion

To say that the Moroccan cellist and composer is a versatile musician would be putting it mildly. Classically trained as a cellist at conservatories of music in Rabat, Paris and Brussels, he loves the classical repertoire, delves into the ethnomusicological roots of Andalusian classical music, puts together programs with poets and is crazy about jazz. He brings this eclectic mix of influences to bear in his Yassir Bousselam Trio – a Moroccan cellist, Belgian pianist and German percussionist.


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23 octobre 2020

Yassir Bousselam Trio

Piet Heinkade 5
1019 Amsterdam

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€ 21 - € 17